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We hope that you find the information usefull. This site is an ongoing project and it was originally set up to help promote the first family reunion that was held here in Ireland in 2012.

We are currently in the process of planning our second reunion August 25th 2017. We hope to continue adding information as we go along and we appreciate everyone who has contributed to our knowledge base to date.


History of the Winston Family in Ireland


At this stage it is proving difficult to ascertain exactly where the Winston family settled first in Ireland. Records are suggesting Waterford as a first point and certainly according to records this is the first location.

We have only conjecture and anecdotal evidence suggesting where we came from and why we came to Ireland, but we are continuing to work through whatever records come to light to try to establish the answers to these questions.

In addition to trying to locate records we have also set up a DNA Project hosted by World Families to try and establish via this avenue where we came from exactly and how we relate to each other and those from whom we believe we came from in the UK.


I have compiled a map and listing of the locations where Winston’s lived and settled around Ireland since the mid 16th century, the earliest being 1587 in Waterford. I have taken the earliest known record as the starting point for settlement in each area, for instance; Marystown in Roscommon, there were no listings of any Winston holding or leasing land there in the Tithe Applotment records of 1832 but we know that James Winston and Maria Rattigan were living there when their child was born in 1847.

So therefore, sometime between 1832 and 1847 they leased and later purchased their property there and which is still held by that family today. I have nevertheless taken 1847 as the settlement date for that area until I have further information. This map is just a starting point and may change from time to time.

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